Increasing the heap memory on vCSA 6.7 services

For some reason, our monitoring alerted that the service “vsphere-ui” from the vCSA it was having some problems randomly. From the user perspective only we noticed some slowness when navigating within the HTML5 client.

I took a quick view of the VAMI I saw this message from the VMware vSphere Client service:

The server is running low on heap memory (>90% utilized.)

So it was time to solve those random alerts about memory utilization.

Let’s work a bit…

Accessing the vCSA via SSH (using PuTTY):

I can see the service has 1110 MB assigned. So as the deployed VM for the vCenter Server appliance has 16GB of RAM allocated(you can see it anyway how much is being assigned in the previous screenshot), I decided to give it ~1.5x (1665MB) but in powers of 2!:
512+1024 = 1536 MB .


cloudvm-ram-size -C 1536 vsphere-ui 


Now, restart the affected service:

service-control --stop vsphere-ui;service-control --start vsphere-ui; 

And now check the allocated memory for the service we configured:

It seems that the vCSA itself adjusted the value to what it considers it’s best so nothing that we can modify there. So finally this service memory allocation changed from 1110 MB to 1792 MB.


Final note: Obviously other services were modified and have allocated less memory, in general, it gathered a bit of memory allocation from each service (the most impacted was vmware-vpxd with ~ 300 MB)


All this information can be also reviewed in this KB:

That’s all for this quick post!


vCSA 6.x installer error: “No networks on the host. Cannot proceed with the installation.”

This is a quick post of an error I found sometimes while deploying a new vCenter server appliance with an embedded PSC on the vCSA 6.x installer.

The problem

In my case, I was trying to install vCSA 6.5 without DNS (this is why the system name has an IP address and the DNS is itself). Also, notice that the network section is empty:

If you try to continue with the installation, it will show you an error:

No networks on the host. Cannot proceed with the installation.



I checked the ESXi host and obviously, it has other port groups created in a standard virtual switch, then, which was the problem? Why I can’t see them in the drop-down list?


Checking on the internet I found this:

So, that web page mentions the “VM network” port group that is a default port group that is created once you deploy an ESXi host. In my case, it was auto-deployed with different port groups and that one didn’t exist.

Hence, I decided to create a port group called “VM Network” in the host that I am trying to deploy the vCSA and…it worked!

Now, as you can see, I can see that port group and I was able to continue the installation with success!

It seems that with you must have this port group if you are deploying a vCSA at least from your PC, so, bear in mind if you are trying to deploy a new vCSA and you don’t have the default port groups when deploying a vCenter Server.


I hope this helps if someone has this issue.